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"Running an Alpha course in the prisons or jails may not be the path to which you ever thought the Lord would call you and it will not always be smooth and convenient to travel. From experience; however, of having lived most of my adult life in the company of inmates, I know that when you see Christ in the eyes of those whom you meet each week inside those walls you will know without a doubt that your steps were truly directed by Jesus Christ Himself."  Jack Cowley



God always answers our prayers-- "yes", "no", or "wait."  All of these are said to us in love.

His "no" means that He has something better in mind.  His "wait" means that His perfect timing all involved will be blessed. Our answer comes in a different way that we expect or want, we can be assured that God's answer is better than what we requested. 

We need you and your prayer for Alpha in the prisons and jail and would love to have you commit to praying for us, the leaders and volunteers that are going behind the walls to share the great message about God. 

If you feel the call to pray for Alpha for Prisons, please let us hear from you and we will share our needs and request.




Volunteers are a huge part of all of Alpha.  In the prisons and jails we are always in need of volunteers to run the Alpha course or to be part of a team of volunteers that visit the facility each week.

Volunteering for helping a Leader with the small group discussions, praying, helping with the handouts or worship session is always needed.

If you are interested in doing Alpha in your local jail or prison near by, contact Alpha Prisons & Re-entry. We will help you find a team in your area or contact your church/parish about volunteering with their prison outreach.



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I'm always reminded when I'm ask or see some thing about donate, Luke 6:38 that reads:

Give, and it will be given to you good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap.  For the measure you give will be the measure you get back.

We are ask for many different ways to give.  Our time, our money, our help, but I have to stop the remember it's not our _____, it's Gods. 

If you would like to help us help those behind the walls with a donation to provide the Alpha course resources, please give.  We thank you for your generosity!

Donations by check: 
Please make a check out to Alpha USA Prisons and send to:

Alpha USA
1635 Emerson Lane
Naperville, IL 60540