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*NEW* fall assets + prayer cards just released

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Why not? Try Alpha

The key message of this campaign is the ‘Why Not?’ approach to Alpha—we want to lower the barrier of entry for the potential Alpha guest and dispel any fear about the unknown. Alpha is for everyone; we want to reinforce that there’s no pressure, no follow up and no charge for the guest.

These invitations are designed based on recent research which shows us that about 90% of guests are invited to Alpha via an in-person conversation. 65% of guests are concerned they will not fit in or will be judged at Alpha, and 56% of guests are unsure about what actually happens at an Alpha. (Global Campaign Research, Barna – March 2018)

Be An Inviter

We want to help you create a culture of prayer and invitation for everyone at your church. To do this, we are launching a prayer campaign called 11:02, based on the model HTB* used to equip their congregation before their fall 2018 Alpha. When they did this, they saw a 40% increase in attendance! (*Holy Trinity Brompton - the birthplace of Alpha)

Inspired by Jesus' prayer found in Luke 11:02, here's how it works: The month before your Alpha begins, equip and encourage your church attenders to pray for 21 days at 11:02 (a.m or p.m.) for three friends or family members to try Alpha. As the weeks progress, have them personally invite their three and watch the effect this focused prayer has on your Alpha. We would love to hear how it goes!

What's included?

We’ve produced a new suite of Alpha invitational resources for your church to begin using from now through Spring 2020. These invitational resources are to mobilize your congregation to invite a potential Alpha guest and dispel concerns about attending. The assets include:

  • NEW Photography library.

  • NEW Print assets – new circle and square invitation cards, postcards, posters and roll-up banner designs.

  • NEW Digital assets – from social media assets to ready-to-use slides for weekend services and large group gatherings.

  • NEW Prayer cards – to assist your church in praying for guests before your Alpha launches.

  • Alpha brand and usage guidelines – for editing the resources to create your own promotional tools. (recommended editing software: Adobe Acrobat Pro).

New-products-image (1).png

Where can I find what I need?

Help us help you! If you haven't already, make sure you register and promote your Alpha on Alpha Builder every time you start a new Alpha. Why? This will give you access to new resources and products for your team, and it will allow you to promote your Alpha for potential guests to find on our Try Alpha web page. Then, anyone looking for a course in your neighborhood can easily make their way to your launch night! This also helps us track your Alpha experience and continue to develop products that best serve you and your church.

I want to download a sample of the invitations before I dive in.
To download a few of our top picks, click “Sample Pack” and find some of our favorite designs.

I just want the standard resources, nothing too complicated.
We've created a range of generic resources that are ready for you to preview and use. You can download the full set via Alpha Builder

I want to personalize the invitation resources to include my Alpha's information.
We've made it easy for you to add important information about your Alpha to the printable resources. Check out our new one-stop-shop online by clicking “Print Shop.”

I want to create my own invitation resources.
We're happy to share the elements of the Alpha promotional tools for you to create your own custom resources. To download select Adobe InDesign templates, high-resolution images and Alpha brand elements, click “Customize” and they’re yours! Don’t forget to register your course in Alpha Builder to receive the latest training resources and more.

Get trained.

New to Alpha? Have you run Alpha before? Well versed in running Alpha? We invite you to consider bringing your whole team to The Alpha Conference, January 30-31, 2020. Here you can attend an Explore Alpha or Grow Alpha training as well as taking a deeper dive into prayer, evangelization, renewal in the Spirit, and unity in the body of Christ.

You may also consider attending one of our National Training Labs. Hosted by local churches, they provide an opportunity to receive training on the Alpha best practices, how to improve your invitational culture, build a team to take your Alpha to the next level and more. These National Training Labs take place in cities around the U.S. and will include time to connect with other local church leaders.

In addition to these national training opportunities, we have a variety of local experts who lead training events to help you to Run Alpha. Find a training near you.

Here to help.

We'd love to support you as you invite people to your Alphas. We know preparing to promote your Alpha takes a lot of time and effort; we’re here to answer your questions and support you every step of the way.

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